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Hear from some of the most successful players in the space sector, how DCUBED’s products enabled them to get to space faster, cheaper and better.

University of Bern

For the CoCa mission, the University of Bern required a mechanism to lock down the filter wheel in the camera’s focal plane assembly. The mechanism needed…


LASP used to build their own release mechanisms based on burn-wire technology, which required them to spend a lot of time, effort, and money to refurbish them. This led to their teams only…


Redwire’s timeline was greatly expedited by 4 months due to the quick production turnaround. This allowed for designing, ordering, integrating and testing to take place within just 12 weeks. At…
oxford space systems logo in white on transparent background

Oxford Space Systems

DCUBED’s Micro Release Nuts exceeded Oxford Space Systems’ requirements for a lightweight, compact, and resilient release actuator that seamlessly integrated with…

National Research Institution

DCUBED provided one of the leading space research institutes Nano Pin Pullers (nD3PP) to support the mission’s complex stage deployment.
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Atomos Space

Atomos used DCUBED’s 500W SmallSat solar arrays to power in-space activities. DCUBED’s SmallSat solar arrays employ proprietary flexible hinge technology…
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Fossa used DCUBED’s Nano Pin Pullers (nD3PP) to secure deployer doors during launch and release the doors upon remote command by their launcher SpaceX. 

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