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Success Story


FOSSA Systems, a Spanish aerospace company, focuses on the development and operation of small satellite systems. Their name, “FOSSA,” derived from “Free Open Source Satellite Architecture,” highlights their dedication to open-source principles and their mission to make space technology accessible to all.

FOSSA challenge

FOSSA Systems, a Spanish aerospace company specializing in small satellite systems, required a “door opener” for their PocketPod, a PocketQube satellite deployer. Their previous method of using burn-wires was unsuitable due to higher preload demands and limited resettability.

DCUBED solution

DCUBED provided a solution by utilizing the Nano Pin Puller nD3PP, which held down the deployer’s door during launch and opened it upon command from the launcher SpaceX. This successful deployment released all the satellites as planned.

DCUBED impact

The resettability feature of DCUBED’s Nano Pin Puller, nD3PP, enabled a test-as-you-fly and a fly-as-you-test approach, enhancing the reliability and trust in the FOSSA PocketQube deployer. FOSSA Systems praised DCUBED for democratizing access to space actuators which was previously limited to only a select few. The excellent quality and performance of DCUBED actuators in miniaturized sizes exceeded expectations compared to competitors’ products. Additionally, FOSSA Systems appreciated DCUBED’s agility, responsiveness, and ability to tailor support and technology to their very specific needs. With over eight DCUBED actuators used successfully across their space infrastructure, FOSSA Systems expressed great satisfaction with this highly successful partnership.

Enable your space system solutions with DCUBED

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