Release Actuators

Safely secure and release delicate space hardware on orbit. DCUBED’s high-performance release actuators make different types of experiments feasible, accelerating space exploration.

Our actuator product lines

SmartPack Release Nut

Our SmartPack product line includes ultra-flat, shape-memory release actuators designed primarily for axial pre-load applications where thickness is limited.

Release Nuts

Our Release Nut product line includes compact, shape-memory release actuators designed primarily for axial pre-load applications.

Pin Pullers

Our Pin Puller product line offers easy-to-use and highly-resettable release actuators that are perfect for shear-load applications.

Product advantages

  • Cut weight by 34% and size by 44%
  • Reset for testing up to hundreds of cycles, in seconds
  • Lower AIT cost and time by 23%
  • Decrease shock by 97% making our products suitable for any application
  • Provide 100% actuation redundancy enabling mission-critical applications
  • Reduce costs by 31% compared to competitor products
  • Proven in space products (TRL9)
  • Lower procurement process time by 90% with COTS
  • Solidify supply chain with 100% export control-free products

Product specifications

Nano SmartPack Release Nut (nD3SP) Micro Release Nut (uD3RN) Nano Release Nut (nD3RN) Micro Pin Puller (nD3PP) Nano Pin Puller (nD3PP)
Size 74x35x4mm 25x25x25mm 17x17x17mm 25x25x25mm 17x17x17mm
Mass 27grams 40grams 12-25grams 40grams 12-25grams
Load Axial Load: >200N Axial Load: >2.5kN
(up to 4.5kN in 2024)
Axial Load: >250-380N Shear Load: >250N Shear Load: >50N
TRL 8 (9 in 2024) 8 (9 in 2024) 9 8 (9 in 2024) 9

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