Solar Arrays

Maximize power with minimum mass and volume.

Built with a modular approach, DCUBED’s solar arrays are extremely compact, light-weight and durable. Get your turn-key power generation subsystem including launch lock, substrate and solar cells.

Our solar array product line

Origami Solar Array

Our Solar Array product line includes off-the-shelf power generation subsystems for any mass, volume and power requirement.
Flexible Solar Array

Flexible Blanket Solar Array

Maximize deployed surface area and compact launch stowage.
Flexible Solar Array

Rigid-Deployable Solar Array

Get the best of both worlds with our combination of body-mounted and deployable solar arrays.
Body Mounbted Solar Array

Body-Mounted Solar Array

Take advantage of design simplicity for low to medium-level power requirements.

Enable your space system solutions with DCUBED

Whether you’re looking for a reliable trigger on-orbit, a highly efficient solar array or a deployable camera system, we’ve got you covered.