Actuators & Deployables

We use patented, shape-memory technology and proprietary origami mechanical structures to improve space technology in terms of cost, mass, reliability and reusability.

Release Actuators

Safely secure and release delicate space hardware on orbit with patented Hold-Down Release Mechanism (HDRM).

SmartPack Release Nut

Our SmartPack product line includes ultra-flat, shape-memory release actuators designed primarily for axial pre-load applications where thickness is limited.

Release Nuts

Our Release Nut product line includes compact, shape-memory release actuators designed primarily for axial pre-load applications.

Pin Pullers

Our Pin Puller product line offers easy-to-use and highly-resettable release actuators that are perfect for shear-load applications.

Release Actuators are HDRMs – Hold Down Release Mechanisms.  In short form, they hold things down during launch and then release them in space when you want to release them.  Any space mechanical mechanism needs a release actuator to keep them secured and steady during launch.  HDRMs are mission critical.  Small but mighty.

Pin Pullers – Mechanisms that when activated, have pins that drop into the device.  best for securing; smallest on the market today. It’s a door jam that blocks a hinge from opening, and then is retracted.

Product advantages – smaller and lighter, can be tested hundreds of times before launch easily, almost eliminates shock, is less expensive, has already been used in space missions successfully and is in stock and ready to turn an order around quickly.


Product specifications – they’re small.  A nano is the size of your thumbnail.  A micro is the size of a lego figure.

Release Nuts – Mechanism that has a pin similar to a pin puller, but this time the pin is attached to another surface that’s being held closed by the release nut actuator.  In space, the device releases the nut away from itself so the deployable can open.

Smartpack Release Nut – This is an ultra-flat release mechanism for when thickness is limited.  Best for securing two things that need to be very flush to each other.  Can easily be installed on the outside of the satellite to not take up any volume inside your spacecraft.  Because it’s so flat, it allows for more possibilities for releasing hinged or rotating objects.

Solar Arrays

Get your turn-key power generation subsystem including launch lock, substrate and solar cells.

Origami Solar Array

Our Solar Array product line includes off-the-shelf power generation subsystems for any mass, volume and power requirement.
Flexible Solar Array

Flexible Blanket Solar Array

Maximize deployed surface area and compact launch stowage.
Flexible Solar Array

Rigid-Deployable Solar Array

Get the best of both worlds with our combination of body-mounted and deployable solar arrays.
Body Mounbted Solar Array

Body-Mounted Solar Array

Take advantage of design simplicity for low to medium-level power requirements.

Solar arrays – You want your satellite size to grow into maximum outstretched wingspan in space to generate as much energy as possible.  

Solar arrays – You want your satellite size to grow into maximum outstretched wingspan in space to generate as much energy as possible.  

The Blanket Solar Array unrolls in space.  Advantages are low surface area during launch and vibration resistance. RV awning. 

The Rigid-Deployable Solar Array swings open or can be affixed to the side of a deployable.

            The Body-Mounted Solar Array is mounted to a satellite to provide low to medium
power requirements and does not move.  


Get the most out of your SmallSat mission by taking advantage of our high-performance deployable solutions.

Space Selfie Stick

Record an out-of-this-world view with deployable, compact selfie cameras.

Reflect Array Antenna

Maximize SmallSat communication performance with our Reflect Array Antenna.

Deployable Radiator

Eliminate excess heat with passive deployable radiators that are purpose-built for compact, high-performance space payloads.

These are devices are generally attached to a satellite/deployable item that is going directly into space to serve a support function.

Space Selfie Stick – A camera on a deployable arm that allows pictures and video to be stored or potentially sent back to earth.  It can be pointed at the satellite for monitoring, or other items that engineers may want to record.  Great for investors and teams to see the results of their work (and great for the marketing team, too!)

Reflect Array Antenna – This mounts to a satellite, and is a radio antenna designed to send signals (radio/data) for small satellites aimed at the earth.  

Deployable Radiator – The sun is HOT, especially moreso in space.  The raidiator helps cool down space payloads/satellite that may need to run at a certain temperature.  


3D Printing in Space

In-Space Manu­­facturing

Unlock the Boundless Potential of Space Exploration with the Future of Manufacturing.

In Space Manufacturing is the process of 3D printing in space to build platforms that would not normally fit inside a satellite payload. DCUBED will be the first company to perform in space manufacturing in free space (not in an enclosure, but out in open space) in the first half of 2024.

DCUBED Advantages

Increase efficiency

Reduce AIT costs by 23% with critical pre-mission development and testing time

Cost savings

Save 31% in costs in comparison to competitor's products

Risk reduction

Reduce mission risk with increased testing flexibility, ease-of-use and resettability (i.e., 400+ reset cycles)


Be prepared for any situation with 100% actuation redundancy

Maximum durability

Optimize reliability and reuse with fully passive subsystems

Lighter and smaller

Reduce weight by 17% and volume by 44% with release actuators that small and mighty

Piece of mind

Enjoy peace of mind with DCUBED's test-as-you-fly and fly-as-you-test approach

E-commerce approach

Buy the most advanced space subsystems the same way you buy groceries online and increase buying speed by 90%

Global reach

Enjoy less hassle with 100% export control-free products that are designed and manufactuired in Europe

Our Products in Space

We make space exploration accessible through space hardware which is easier to buy, implement, and test. Using our approach we enable more and different types of space missions. Whether you’re looking for a high performance solar array, a deployable camera system or an easy-to-use HDRM, we have them in-stock and ready to use.

Earth Observation

Launch Locks





Selfie Stick


De-orbit Systems


Active Optics

Solar Arrays

In-space Assembly

Enable your space system solutions with DCUBED

Whether you’re looking for a reliable trigger on-orbit, a highly efficient solar array or a deployable camera system, we’ve got you covered.