Success Story


Redwire Space (NYSE:RDW) is a global space infrastructure and innovation company enabling civil, commercial, and national security programs. Redwire’s proven and reliable capabilities include avionics, sensors, power solutions, critical structures, mechanisms, radio frequency systems, platforms, missions, and microgravity payloads. Redwire combines decades of flight heritage and proven experience with an agile and innovative culture. Redwire’s approximately 700 employees working from 14 facilities located throughout the United States and Europe are committed to building a bold future in space for humanity, pushing the envelope of discovery and science while creating a better world on Earth.

Redwire Challenge

Redwire built several 12U CubeSat deployable antennas for a US government agency customer that they needed actuators for. However, they had only experienced solutions from other providers that were too complex, took up too much volume, and were too heavy. At the same time they faced limitations with respect to the load carrying capacity and resetability.

DCUBED solution

DCUBED worked with the Redwire team to assess their needs and provide them with an easy ordering process and an ultra-fast turnaround time of eight weeks to meet their customers’ tight deadlines. The project required multiple COTS nano release nuts, which are some of the smallest (17x17x17 mm), lightest (25 grams) and most powerful (>250N) space-proven actuators available on the market today.

DCUBED impact

The customer’s timeline was greatly expedited by 4 months due to the quick production turnaround. This allowed for designing, ordering, integrating and testing to take place within just 12 weeks. At the same time, the electrical and SMA redundancy of the Nano Release Nuts was a significant risk reduction measure for the deployable payload and the overall space mission.