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Success Story

Oxford Space Systems

Oxford Space Systems (OSS) is a UK-based company that combines expertise in materials science, RF engineering, mechanisms, and thermal engineering to make deployable antennas for space which are smaller and lighter, than traditional designs, reducing total missions costs.

Oxford Space Systems' challenge

Oxford Space Systems needed advanced release actuators that were lightweight (<40 grams) and small enough (less than 16 cm3) to fit into their compact antenna designs, while meeting stringent performance and strength requirements. In addition, OSS wanted to be able to test and reset their equipment multiple times before launch to reduce risk and ensure mission success. No currently available solutions met OSS’ requirements, and the company believed it would have to build its own actuators, potentially delaying the launch and raising costs until they found DCUBED.

DCUBED solution

DCUBED COTS Micro Release Nuts (uD3RN) provide 2.5kN of preload with a footprint that fits within OSS’ existing designs. DCUBED’s Micro Release Nuts are among the industry’s strongest and lightest release actuators. More importantly, they are easily testable and have the ability to field reset, within seconds, without the need for special tooling.

DCUBED impact

DCUBED’s Micro Release Nuts exceeded Oxford Space Systems’ requirements for a lightweight, compact, and resilient release actuator that seamlessly integrated with their sophisticated antenna system design.  By selecting DCUBED’s Micro Release Nuts,  Oxford Space Systems was able to minimize mass and maximize stowage efficiency, while increasing their rigorous testing capabilities to ensure mission success.