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Atomos Space, founded in 2017 in Denver, CO, USA, is dedicated to revolutionizing space logistics through the development and operation of orbital transfer vehicles (OTVs). Their last-mile service includes orbit raising, precision insertion, phasing, and plane change for satellites, with the aim of enabling more commercial companies to operate dynamically and sustainably in space. Atomos Space faced the challenge of acquiring deployable and rigid solar panels for their Quark-Lite (previously known as Meson) and Gluon vehicles.

Atomos challenge

Atomos Space faced the challenge of procuring available and off-the-shelf deployable and rigid solar panels for their Quark-Lite (previously known as Meson) and Gluon OTVs, as part of its Mission-1 demonstration.

DCUBED solution

DCUBED provided a solution by offering rigid and deployable SmallSat solar arrays. By leveraging a modular approach based on heritage technology, DCUBED created a customizable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product.

DCUBED impact

The impact of DCUBED’s solution was significant, as the 33% shorter lead time and flexibility due to the modular COTS approach allowed Atomos Space to incorporate development margin before their scheduled launch in 2024.

Vanessa Clark, CEO of Atomos Space, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with DCUBED for their Meson and Gluon vehicles launching in January 2024. She praised DCUBED’s ESPA-class panels for their robustness, price, and performance, emphasizing their agility in meeting tight schedules and adapting to changing conditions.

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