Success Story

National Research Institution

A private US-based university , which is one of the leading space research institutes in the world. Their research center engages in radio astronomy, geodesy, atmospheric science, and instrumentation development for radiometry, interferometry, and radar systems. 

Their challenge

The research institution faced a challenge in deploying Vector Sensing Antennas (VSA) for their mission (2 identical 6U spacecrafts) due to the limitations of existing release solutions. Their VSAs are crucial for characterizing auroral emissions. The three-stage deployment of the VSAs (1. Extended out of satellite, 2. Structure deployed and 3. Monopoles deployed) requires a reliable and space-efficient actuator solution to be used on each of the two spacecrafts. 

DCUBED solution

DCUBED provided a successful solution by utilizing three Nano Pin Pullers (nD3PP) which enabled the stage deployment. Collaborating closely with the institution, DCUBED ensured the development and implementation process of the VSA deployment system was efficient and effective.

DCUBED impact

The implementation of DCUBED’s solution not only saved over 44% space and more than 17% mass via the compactness of nD3PPs but also facilitated quick development iterations. The responsiveness and technical expertise of the DCUBED team instilled confidence in the performance of the flight actuators. Dr. A.N, Program Manager, expressed satisfaction with the design and build process, emphasizing the pleasure of working with DCUBED and the anticipation of integrating the flight actuators into their CubeSats.

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