Meet our team of quirky space disrupters that are constantly working on developing creative technologies that power the future of the SmallSat revolution.

Dr. Thomas Sinn

CEO & Founder

Grew up with a rocket engine test site in the Forest behind his house.

Joram Gruber

Head of Design & Co-Founder

Knows how to fold space origami

Thomas Lund

Head of Analysis & Co-Founder

Always looking for the hardest problem to solve, from bouldering to space

Ambre Raharijaona

Mechanical Engineer & PA/QA

Questions lead to ideas, ideas lead to engineering, engineering leads to space!

Alexander Titz

Head of Operations & Co-Founder

Is crazy about 3D printing and building space stuff

Dr. Antonio Pedivellano

Lead Deployables Engineer

Can fit a spacecraft in a carry On

Joachim Schmidt

Breadboarding & Testing

Builds his own fireworks but hasn't reached orbit yet

Michael Kringer

In-Space Manufacturing Lead

Felt the gravity of space, moon, mars and earth

Stefanie Würll

Human Resources

Dressed up as an Alien for Carnival when she was a kid

Nisanur Eker

Mechanical Engineer

Got in trouble in Kindergarten for trying to communicate with aliens

Guillem Quintana Buil

AIT Engineer

Built his own rocket engine that Exploded

Maximilian Seif

Engineering Physicist

Has over 30 3D printed rockets at home and the collection is growing

Melanie Ott

Team Assistant

Worked before in terrestrial travel and is now looking towards space

Dr. Markus Geiss

Head of Strategy & Business Development

Has lived on 5 continents on Earth but not yet in space.

Florian Malcherek


Worked at DLR before

Christin Bauer

Business Developer

Always dreamed of going to space

Laura Schmitz

MSc Candidate

Wants to launch her career to space

Victoria Maura Aláez

Mechanical and Systems Engineer

Studied in Three different Countries