Meet our team of quirky space disrupters that are constantly working on developing creative technologies that power the future of the SmallSat revolution.

Dr. Thomas Sinn

CEO and Founder

Grew up with a rocket engine test side in the Forest behind his house.

Dr. Markus Geiss

4D printing Lead and Business Development

Has lived on 5 continents on Earth but not yet in space.

Thomas Lund

Head of Design and Analysis

Always looking for the hardest problem to solve, from bouldering to space

Hugo Garcia Hemme

Analysis Lead

Don't Get In An Argument With Hugo Over Mechanical Analysis, You'll Most Likely Lose

Alexander Titz

Head of Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Testing

Is crazy about 3D printing and building space stuff

Prof. Markus Pietras

EXIST Mentor

Bridging the gap between industry and Academia

Wolfgang Sporrer


Ensures that the numbers all add up

Claudia Sporrer

Finance & Business Development

Brings terrestrial Principles into space

Christin Bauer

Marketing and Sales

Was living with a NASA engineer by chance for two weeks due to a common hobby

Joram Gruber

Mechanical Engineer

Knows how to fold space origami