a picture of DCUBED's space selfie stick against a white background.

Discovering DCUBED’s Space Selfie Stick gives you the biggest funding/press advantage. Never be afraid your space mission won’t attract 1/many head investors or positive press again.

DCUBED’s Space Selfie Stick:

We can all see volatility in some sectors of the newspace market.  How do you get your mission and project to stand out amongst others?  With high definition photos and videos of your mission in action.  In the vast expanse of space, moments of awe and wonder are a constant companion to astronauts and space enthusiasts alike. The desire to capture and share these incredible experiences has driven the evolution of technology, leading to the creation of DCUBED’s groundbreaking innovation – the Space Selfie Stick. Designed to revolutionize mission assurance, marketing, and investor relations, this deployable and compact selfie camera is set to redefine how we capture and share the wonders of outer space.


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Compact Design and Mission Assurance:

DCUBED’s Space Selfie Stick boasts an impressively compact stowed volume of just 98x98x49mm, fitting perfectly within a 0.5U space. This innovative design ensures that it takes up minimal space on spacecraft, allowing for optimized utilization of resources. Its lightweight nature, with a mass of just 400g, ensures that it has a minimal impact on the overall payload of the mission.

Extendable Tape-Spring Boom:

At the heart of the Space Selfie Stick lies an extendable tape-spring boom, allowing for the deployment of the camera module with precision and ease. With a deployed boom length of 0.8m, this telescopic feature ensures that users can capture breathtaking images from a variety of angles, enhancing the visual storytelling of space missions. The boom’s tape-spring mechanism guarantees reliable performance and swift resetability within seconds, enabling multiple shots to be taken effortlessly.

High-Quality Camera:

An 8MP USB 2.0 camera guarantees exceptional image quality that does justice to the orbital beauty it captures. Whether it’s the mesmerizing colors of company logos or the majesty of a deployable spreading its solar wings, this camera ensures that every image is rich in clarity and depth. Its USB 2.0 interface makes it accessible to both engineers and marketing, ensuring that everyone can become a skilled astrophotographer.

Versatility for Marketing and Investor Relations:

In capturing awe-inspiring images, the Space Selfie Stick holds immense potential for marketing and investor relations within the space industry. With the ability to document milestones, assure mission status, and capture satellite deployments, this ingenious device becomes a powerful tool for generating interest and excitement.  It is a powerful tool to capture investors’ imaginations for future missions.

Short Lead Time and Rapid Deployment:

DCUBED understands the dynamic nature of space missions and was founded to fix #oldspace supply chains, and create #newspace benchmarks for efficient turnaround times. The Space Selfie Stick’s production process is optimized to offer a short lead time, ensuring that it can be integrated seamlessly into upcoming missions. Its quick and hassle-free deployment enables astronauts to capture those cherished moments without compromising on the primary objectives of their missions.

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As we push the boundaries of space exploration, DCUBED’s Space Selfie Stick emerges as an invaluable asset for both astronauts and space enthusiasts. Its compact design, extendable boom, high-quality camera, and versatility make it a remarkable innovation in capturing and sharing the wonders of the cosmos. With its potential to revolutionize mission assurance, marketing (talk about a wow factor on a cosmic scale), and investor relations, the Space Selfie Stick will undoubtedly become an indispensable tool for future space missions, fueling our collective enthusiasm for #newspace endeavors.

a picture of DCUBED's space selfie stick against a white background.