My First Space Conference: A Journey from Game Development to Space Manufacturing

by Maria Fomina

This journey started several months ago for me with a major career change, when I decided to shift my path to the space sector. Working in Business Development within the game development industry for multiple years, the transition to the space sector was both exciting and new, yet challenging. Just three months ago, I embarked on this new career path with DCUBED, a company at the forefront of hardware manufacturing for space. Within my first month, I had the unique opportunity to attend the E-SGW conference, which brings together students and young professionals to help shape Europe’s future in space. 

This is the story of my first space conference and how it transformed my perspective on the possibilities within the space industry. Our team thought my experiences might be useful for those thinking about transitioning to the space industry from outside it, or may be useful for other newcomers to the industry, as well.

E-SGW: An Opportunity to Participate in Discussions and Network with Young Professionals from Around the Globe 

The European Space Generation Workshop was the first event I participated in since starting at DCUBED. The event is dedicated to expanding the horizons of the space industry in Europe and fostering knowledge exchange among young professionals from diverse backgrounds who aim to make a difference in the field. It promotes collaboration and innovation through workshops, panel discussions, and networking sessions. 

The concept of the event, and the fact that the organizing team consists of volunteers who dedicate their free time to organizing it, fascinated me. I was happy to attend as a delegate this year. 

DCUBED, as a New Space startup located in Munich, supported the organizers by being one of the sponsors and provided a discussion topic for a working group on In-Space Manufacturing. During the discussions, Valentina Luchetti (Sales and Business Development Manager at DCUBED) and Katja Nader (Project Manager at DCUBED) participated as experts, providing insights and support to the delegates. 

As a delegate, I was eager to absorb as much information as possible and understand how my skills in Sales and Marketing could contribute to the advancement of our working group. It was an interesting experience that provided me with new knowledge and perspectives. Throughout the conference I learned new terminology specific to the space sector, as well as expanded my knowledge on the topics of AI usage for Space Exploration, Diversity and Inclusion in the European Space Industry, In-space manufacturing applications and capabilities, as well as European Autonomy in space. 

Engaging in Discussions: The Power of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration 

Coming from a non-technical background, my main goal and expectation was to deepen my knowledge of the industry. I was surprised to discover that among the other participants were people from different backgrounds, some of whom were also not directly involved in the technical aspects of the industry (lawyers, experts in international relations, communications, etc.). This was a great discovery for me, helping me to broaden my idea of the space industry and realize that everyone can have a place here. Regardless of your background and specialty, you can make a difference.  

Together, we explored ways to leverage our diverse backgrounds to drive innovation and make space technologies more accessible to a broader audience. 

Networking and Building Connections 

One of the most valuable aspects of the conference was the opportunity to network with professionals from across the space industry. I met engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and fellow marketers and sales development representatives, each with their own unique journey and perspective. These connections provided valuable insights into the industry and opened doors for potential collaborations and partnerships. 

Reflections and Future Aspirations 

Attending my first space conference was a transformative experience. It expanded my horizons, deepened my understanding of the space industry, and highlighted the importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration. The insights gained and connections made during the event have been invaluable as I continue to navigate my role at DCUBED. 

Looking ahead, I am excited about the potential of in-space manufacturing to revolutionize space exploration. The conference reinforced my commitment to contributing to this field by applying my skills in Sales and Marketing to drive the adoption of space technologies. I am eager to explore new opportunities, forge meaningful partnerships, and help shape the future of space manufacturing. 


My first space conference was more than just an introduction to the industry; it taught me that no matter how unfamiliar a new field may seem, the skills and experiences we bring from our past can be powerful tools for innovation and progress. As I continue my journey with DCUBED, I am inspired by the limitless possibilities of space manufacturing and excited to be part of a community that is pushing the boundaries of what is possible. 

The conference was just the beginning, and I am ready to embark on this exciting adventure, armed with knowledge, passion, and a network of incredible individuals who share a common vision for the future of space.