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20 September

DCUBED and German Orbital Systems GmbH Begin Development of a Deployable Radiator for SmallSats

The companies will release a new product that tackles the issue of excess heat in miniaturised satellites with the help of funding from the European Space Agency and the German Space Agency DLR

[Paris, 20.09.2022] A German-based company, DCUBED (Deployables Cubed GmbH), announces the beginning of the FENNEC radiator project.

DCUBED is excited to announce a collaboration with German Orbital Systems GmbH to develop an innovative heat management system called FENNEC (FoldablE Newspace Next gEneration radiator for Cubesats) for small satellites.

The new product tackles the issue of excess heat in small and cubesats and is now in the early stages of product development. It is supported by the European Space Agency (ESA), through its ARTES Core Competitiveness programme at the ESA directorate for Telecommunications and Integrated Applications (ESA-TIA), and the German Space Agency DLR with funds of the German ESA budget.

Satellites which are low in mass and size, called SmallSats, do not have a lot of available external surface area that can be used for radiators. Since SmallSats require high amounts of heat dissipation, it is crucial to have enough radiative surfaces available to reduce the overall temperature of the system.

FENNEC is a modular system that will be available for use in spacecraft for efficient controlled heat transfer from the source to the deployed radiator panel. Multiple FENNEC panels can be used in conjunction with each other to increase the total heat dissipation, thus solving the problem that SmallSats, by definition, have insufficient external surface area.

“We are honoured that the European Space Agency (ESA) and the German Space Agency at DLR support this urgently-needed thermal solution for SmallSats. Our development partners at German Orbital Systems and at ESA are working closely to bring a SmallSat radiator product to market quickly. The deployable radiator FENNEC fits perfectly in the DCUBED product portfolio of release actuators and SmallSat deployables; it’s a perfect add-on to our 100W 1U solar array PowerCube,” says Thomas Sinn, CEO of DCUBED.

“It is great to get support from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) to build new products and develop new technologies for CubeSats. Together with DCUBED we have a longstanding and productive history of collaboration, and at GOS we are excited for this opportunity to bring a new product to the market together,” says Dmitriy Sternharz, CEO of German Orbital Systems GmbH.

“ESA is pleased to support innovative NewSpace companies such as DCUBED in their technology developments through the ARTES Core Competitiveness programme and look forward to seeing its use on future NewSpace missions” says Daniel Bast, Technical Officer for the FENNEC activity at ESA.

The New Space industry is changing the space sector landscape, bringing space into every facet of the economy and our daily lives, pushing the boundaries of the industry.

At ESA-TIA, it is our core mission to support innovative products and foster entrepreneurial New Space momentum. We are advocating for our Member States to invest and reap the rewards of such innovative technologies, allowing Europe to remain a global leader, keeping the pace with our international competitors. It is great to see that our Member States are taking action today.

“With the thermal capabilities the activity addresses one of the big challenges of satellite technologies. Improvements in this area might increase the performance of satellites significantly. We very much welcome such initiatives shown by start-ups and think the FENNEC activity is a good showcase of the German start-up and new space spirit,” says Dr. David Futterer from the German Space Agency at DLR.

About DCUBED (Deployables Cubed GmbH)

DCUBED located in Germering (Bavaria, Germany) will help you think outside the box with COTS release actuators and COTS deployables that are specifically designed for SmallSat applications. DCUBED’s pin puller and release nut actuators are space-proven, readily available, easy to use, and small in size. The DCUBED SmallSat deployables (Space Selfie Stick, 100W 1U solar array and deployable radiator) tackle the needs of new space customers by maximising performance in space while remaining efficiently packed in a standardised volume for launch.

For more information, visit DCUBED at https://www.dcubed.space/

About German Orbital Systems GmbH

Since 2014 GOS plays an active role in Germanys NewSpace landscape. By providing solid engineering, uncompromised quality and affordable prices, GOS has claimed a place among Europe’s leading NewSpace companies. GOS platforms are based on the “new space” philosophy, maximizing the utilization of building block system of COTS components. Depending on the requirements of the customer and payloads, corresponding platform subsystems are selected from the GOS portfolio. GOS platform design approach guarantees the maximum value for the customer within the boundary conditions of a shared satellite mission and its optimal costs.

For more information, visit German Orbital Systems GmbH at https://orbitalsystems.de/

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