CubeSat deployment from ISS (source NASA)
13 April

CalPoly & DcubeD PowerSat satellite mission selected by NASA ELaNa programme

We just learned that NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration has selected the #PowerSat satellite for their next round of ELaNa launches, we are speechless.

PowerSat is a technology demonstration mission on the use of a new generation of deployable solar arrays in low-Earth orbit, which would be the first step in developing space-based solar power systems using small satellites. Having a secondary focus of education, the project will create hands-on, project-based learning opportunities and science, technology, education, and math, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusivity values awareness for more than fifty students at the undergraduate and graduate level.

PowerSat will be designed, built and operated by the awesome CalPolyPolySat team, DcubeD (Deployables Cubed GmbH) will supply the deployable high power solar array subsystem #PowerCube.

The whole DcubeD team is very excited to closely work together with the whole #CalPoly#PowerSat team to make this exciting mission a full success. Go PowerSat Team!!!


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