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Accelerating space exploration through durable and
affordable Release Actuators, Solar Arrays and Deployables.

DCUBED Advantages

Patented Shape Memory Materials

Easy-to-use actuators

Proprietary Origami Structures

High-performance deployables

Immediate Availability

E-commerce purchase and shipping process

Reliable Supply Chain

100% made in Germany

DCUBED Products

Release Actuators

Secure delicate equipment during launch and release safely on orbit with our patented Hold-Down Release Mechanisms (HDRM).

Solar Arrays

Charge your mission with turn key power generation subsystems, including launch lock, substrate, and solar cells. 


Optimize SmallSat missions with our high-performance deployable solutions such as our camera system.

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3-8 August

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16-20 September

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23-25 October

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19-21 November

The world's fastest moving space companies rely on DCUBED for:

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weight savings.

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cost savings.

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smaller solutions.

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faster buying.

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no export control.

Don't take our word for it, this is what our satisfied customers say:

Vanessa Clark
Vanessa ClarkCEO, Atomos Space
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“While we initially picked DCUBED’s ESPA-class panels because they combine robustness, price, and performance, we’re most impressed by DCUBED’s ability to consistently meet our tight schedules and rapidly changing mission conditions .”
Eric Haengel
Eric HaengelDirector of Space Systems, Hawkeye 360
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"We have been impressed so far with DCUBED's product quality and ease of use. In particular, we were very impressed that it was readily available, and that it can be actuated and reset many times. We looked at a lot of similar products at the time, and I can say with some confidence that you don't really see those qualities in other offerings."
Julian Fernandez
Julian FernandezCEO, Fossa Systems
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“DCUBED has democratized access to space actuators and key mission subsystems. We buy DCUBED products directly from their website and have them in our manufacturing facility in six weeks or less. That's 18 weeks faster than anything else on the market."
Troy Arbuckle
Troy ArbucklePlanetary Mobility Lead Mechanical Engineer, Astrobotic Technologies
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“DCUBED has been excellent to work with. The company is responsive; their products are reliable; and we are able to secure them with extremely short lead times of less than 6 weeks. DCUBED has already earned the right to be our go-to supplier for mission-critical subsystem technology and products.”
Dr. Rebecca Masterson
Dr. Rebecca MastersonAERO-VISTA program manager, MIT Haystack Observatory
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“Our AERO-VISTA mission depends on a complex and challenging three-stage, two spacecraft deployment. DCUBED was the only company which could provide both exceptional actuator product performance and the technical expertise, responsiveness, and attention to detail that we required.”
Sanjay Nekkranti
Sanjay NekkrantiCEO, Dhruva Space
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“Cost, reliability, and turnaround times play a very important role in our ability to deliver high-quality solutions to our customers. DCUBED products time and again fulfill our requirements. They help us reduce our supply costs by 30%. We value them as one of our most preferred partners for spacecraft mechanisms.”
Andrew Dunn
Andrew DunnFounder, Wyrm Engineering
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DCUBED’s nD3PP reduced AIT time and cost by 23% for our Claymore deployer. On top of that, DCUBED’s 80% shorter lead times enable us to be more more agile and responsive to customers’ needs and significantly speed up our development cycle.”
Rémi Carret
Rémi CarretMechanical & Thermal Engineer , U-Space
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"DCUBED’s expertise and attention to detail ensured that we were able to seamlessly integrate their components into our satellite. They supported a flawless solar panel release and helped us reduce the weight of our solar panel HDRM system by 17%. I highly recommend DCUBED to anyone in need of NewSpace mechanisms."
Vincent Fraux
Vincent FrauxCo-Founder, Chief of Concepts and Future Products, Oxford Space Systems
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"DCUBED helped us reduce launch risks while adhering to our strict specifications for mass and design compactness. By working with DCUBED and utilizing their Micro Release Nuts, we've not only met our technical requirements, but we've also accelerated our development and reduced the cost and complexity of our test campaign."

DCUBED – creation of innovative and user-friendly technologies

DCUBED enables any space mission to achieve its full potential with commercial off-the-shelf mechanisms and deployables. Our products support efficient stowage in standardized volumes for launch, while maximizing spacecraft performance in orbit.


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Enable your space system solutions with DCUBED

Whether you’re looking for a reliable trigger on-orbit, a highly efficient solar array or a deployable camera system, we’ve got you covered.

DCUBED in space

We build industry-leading off-the-shelf components for space missions of all types. Whether you’re looking for solar arrays, deployable structures, or release mechanisms, DCUBED has what you need in-stock and ready-to-use.

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Launch Locks





Selfie Stick


De-orbit Systems


Active Optics

Solar Arrays

In-space Assembly

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