DCUBED accelerates space exploration with durable and affordable space hardware and subsystems

We use patented Shape Memory technology and proprietary Origami structures that are easy to manufacture and use. Our products outperform traditional space exploration subsystems on every critical dimension including weight, size, cost, durability, reusability, and availability.

Our Values

“Excellence in What Matters” means identifying and prioritizing critical metrics to consistently 

deliver high-quality products and services that meet customer needs. It entails continuous 

improvement, focusing on key aspects that define the company’s success, and effectively 

allocating resources to achieve excellence in targeted areas.

At our core, “People First” means building meaningful relationships, empowering our team to grow 

individually while fostering a positive, supportive culture and understanding and caring for their 

needs. Our company’s success relies on a strong, motivated team, and we believe in enhancing 

this bond through openness and social activities, enriching our work environment and 


For us, “Respect and Openness” means living diversity within the team. We emphasize honest and
respectful communication, encouraging active listening, respecting diverse opinions, and
maintaining a direct and open communication style.

Sustainable Growth” at DCUBED means creating a lasting, positive impact on both our people and
our business. It’s about steady, healthy growth while valuing employee well-being, societal
contributions, and environmental consciousness. We also emphasize diversification and a broad
customer portfolio to ensure long-term sustainability and resilience, while proactively preparing
for the markets of tomorrow.

“Iterate Quickly” for us means embracing a creative problem-solving approach, refining ideas in 

real-world scenarios, and learning from early failures. It involves being eager to take on new

challenges, adjusting workflows based on feedback and outcomes, all while maintaining a 

balance between speed and thoughtful consideration.

“Being Reliable” at DCUBED entails supporting and communicating effectively within the team, 

delivering high-quality work consistently, and ensuring that promises made to customers are met 

with functionality and timeliness. It’s about being a dependable, stepping up when needed, and 

prioritizing reliability across all aspects of our work

DCUBED's Story - From 3D printer to revolutionary space products

DCUBED (short for Deployables Cubed) is a German NewSpace company that develops and manufactures release actuators, mechanisms and deployable structures for a wide range of space applications. Starting with a 3D printer and two-person team in 2018, DCUBED today offers multiple product lines and supplies leading space exploration customers in 15 countries across 4 continents.

Founding a company as new space components weren't available


From Frustration to Founding

Like many startups, DCUBED was founded out of frustration. Way back in 2018, DCUBED founder and CEO Thomas Sinn was working on RocketLab’s “It’s business time” mission. He and his team couldn’t find a suitable release device for a deployable structure experiment he was leading. So they decided to build their own. Equipped with a simple 3D printer and old-fashioned ingenuity, Sinn’s team developed multiple designs and finally settled on one that met all project requirements. When their release device performed flawlessly during its mission, Sinn realized they were on to something. He founded Deployables Cubed GbR as it was officially known in late 2018 to pursue his dream of making space engineering easy and space exploration accessible to many more people. 


Getting Started and Early Success

After getting started at the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center (ESA BIC) and winning the Innospace Masters, DCUBED quickly gained market traction. In September 2019, DCUBED won an EXIST Business Start-up Grant from the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, enabling the founding team to focus on DCUBED full-time.

Founder, Co-founder and employees working in a basement


First Products Shipped

In December 2019, Deployables Cubed GmbH was founded and the first actuators were shipped to MIT Haystack Observatory in the US and University of Auckland in New Zealand. In early 2020 a rebranding was done which resulted in a new logo and the shortened name DCUBED. The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the team to close their offices at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, and temporarily work from Thomas Sinn’s basement. Eventually, the team found a new office space in Germering, where they moved into in Summer of 2020.


Seed Round and Major Development Contracts

DCUBED raised seed funding in 2020 supporting the ability to ramp up release actuator product development and scaling of the team. In 2021, DCUBED won its first ESA development contract for compact 100W solar arrays that fit in a 1U stowage compartment – and the ESA Global Market Challenge. DCUBED also became a member of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). In 2022, it expanded the product portfolio to include SmallSat solar arrays and won development contracts from ESA and the Bavarian and German governments.


First Launch and Serial Production

In January 2022, DCUBED launched its first products into space onboard SpaceX Transporter 3, and in 2023, DCUBED landed its first constellation customer as DCUBED focuses on scaling up production and expanding the company internationally.

dcubed solestial blanket ism solar array


ISM, Catapult and Office Expansion

DCUBED flew on multiple missions in 2023, partnered with Solestial to make the first In Space Manufactured (ISM) Solar Array prototype; was chosen by the ESA to join the Business in Space Growth Network (BSGN) led by Satellite Applications Catapult to help make ISM a reality, grew the team to over 30 employees and expanded our office and production floor to over 1000 square meters.

The Future

DCUBED is excited to see the great discoveries space exploration will bring and proud to be part of this with an increasing number of solutions. Let’s do big things in space together!

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“Growing up next to the European rocket test site, I’ve always been fascinated with space and dreamed of exploring the universe. I realized quickly, space exploration was still too hard. Too many obstacles – cost, weight, space, supply chain, complexity – stood in our way to explore space efficiently. I founded DCUBED to solve these problems by developing deployable structures that were lighter, cheaper more durable and easier to deploy than traditional space subsytems. At DCUBED, our mission is to make space engineering easy so our customers can focus on exploration.”

Thomas Sinn, CEO & Founder

Revolutionizing space exploration with sustainable and affordable products

At DCUBED, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We have created a reliable and efficient supply chain based on German technology and materials, allowing us to produce standard products that minimize the environmental impact of production. Our sustainable and cost-effective products enable the NewSpace Industry to grow while also minimizing the risk of orbital debris.

With our resettable and off-the-shelf actuators and deployables, we provide not only minimized risk and decreased failure rates, but also a significant reduction of the CO2 footprint of AIT operations. In fact, our products allow for hundreds of test cycles without the need to replace any parts. This reduces waste and maximizes efficiency.

We are committed to creating a more sustainable future both on Earth and in Space. By using our products, you save time and cost for on-ground testing while also contributing to a healthier planet. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable and thriving space industry!

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