16 February

AVS selects DCUBED’s Deployable Selfie Stick for the upcoming LUR-1 Mission

The upcoming SmallSat mission LUR-1 of AVS Added Value Solutions with DCUBED’s Deployable Space Selfie Stick will be launched on 2024.

For mission assurance and functional check of their spacecraft LUR-1, the global company AVS Added Value Solutions established a partnership with DCUBED (Deployables Cubed GmbH), a NewSpace SmallSat mechanisms company specializing in mechanisms, solar arrays and deployables for Nano and SmallSats. DCUBED’s space selfie stick will deploy and take pictures of the spacecraft in orbit without sacrificing launch volume.  

DCUBED’S Space Selfie Stick is designed with the needs of commercial space companies in mind. How can high-quality marketing images of your spacecraft be obtained directly from space? How can your satellite’s health be monitored and potential problems trouble-shot without relying solely on telemetry data? And most crucially, how to prove to your client that the satellite has made it safely to space and is fulfilling its mission objectives as planned? Or do you simply want to have a nice picture of your satellite or launcher with the Earth, Moon or Mars in the background? DCUBED’s Deployable Space Selfie Stick enables you to do all of that. The Selfie Stick is compact and fits into 0.5U stowed volume and enables pictures of the spacecraft from 80 cm distance, thanks to the deployable boom technology. Straight-forward mission assurance and out-of-this-world marketing, are enabled by DCUBED’s Space Selfie Stick.

The LUR-1 mission is an Earth observation mission whose objective will be to provide the Basque network of technological centers with specific satellite data to carry out their research projects.

In addition, being LUR-1 the first AVS satellite, it will serve as a demonstrator of AVS capacity to provide satellite platforms or complete missions for public or private entities.

It will also serve to validate different advanced components and systems developed by AVS that will be commercialized as a product.

The LUR-1 mission has been entirely designed by AVS and is being assembled in the new AVS facilities in Vitoria, where in addition to the assembly AVS is preparing the mission control center and the ground antenna, to carry out the satellite operations.

DCUBED is thrilled to support AVS in their mission to boost scientific knowledge with their outstanding space instruments.

About AVS

AVS Added Value Solutions (AVS) is an international SME which provides complex instrumentation that boost the value of our customer throughout a wide range of applications. AVS is strongly focused on the development of outstanding devices, instruments, mechatronics and vacuum systems. Our expertise covers design, manufacturing, assembly, tests and supply, covering the whole product lifecycle for our customers. AVS skills on engineering design, mechatronics, instrumentation, thermal-vacuum systems, micro-mechanisms, opto-mechatronics, and high-precision positioning systems in hazards environments (vacuum, radiation, high magnetic fields, cryogenics…). We “boost scientific knowledge” in the fields of Accelerators, Astronomy, Nuclear Fusion, and Space. For more information, visit AVS at https://www.a-v-s.es

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