9 February

New DCUBED Release Actuators to fly on LuxSpace’s TRITON-X

DCUBED’s new line of release actuators Micro Pin Puller and Micro Release Nut will fly aboard LuxSpace’s multipurpose small-satellite platform Triton-X on the upcoming Genesis mission.

After the successful on-orbit demonstrations of the Nano Pin Puller and Release Nut, DcubeD will exhibit the capabilities of their next line of actuators: Micro Pin Puller uD3PP and Release Nut uD3RN next. The actuators will allow future missions to unleash their full potential by enabling mission-critical deployables. Leveraging the experience and flight heritage of the previous products, uD3PP and uD3RN will offer fully redundant release actuation capable of higher loads, whilst fitting into smallest spaces. The actuators will have their in-orbit demonstration aboard the Triton-X Genesis mission scheduled for launch End 2023.

With the in-orbit subsystems demonstration mission of Triton-X Genesis, LuxSpace will validate the ground-breaking capabilities of their new line of smallsat platforms for scalable and powerful microsatellites. Benefiting from the experience from Triton-1 and Triton-2, LuxSpace aims Triton-X to be flexibly adaptable to a variety of missions and payloads.

DCUBED and LuxSpace share the goal of enabling missions to take their capabilities to the next level and look forward to demonstrating their new technologies with their upcoming mission.

Edgar Milic, CEO of LuxSpace said “LuxSpace is excited to host DCUBED onboard the Triton-X Genesis mission for the in-orbit demonstration of their new mechanisms. Breaking new grounds in satellite technologies requires working with innovative and creative players. LuxSpace and DCUBED are both demonstrating to be such players.”

“At DCUBED we are constantly developing new products, to demonstrate their functionality on orbit is key to bring them to market. We are very excited to fly with LuxSpace Triton-X Genesis mission in 2023 to demonstrate the outstanding capability of these tiny actuators and deepen our commercial partnership with LuxSpace for many more missions to come,” says Dr. Thomas Sinn, CEO of DCUBED.


DCUBED located in Germering (Bavaria, Germany) will help you think outside the box with COTS release actuators and COTS deployables that are specifically designed for SmallSat applications. DCUBED’s pin puller and release nut actuators are space-proven, readily available, easy to use, and small in size. The DCUBED SmallSat deployables (Space Selfie Stick, 100W 1U solar array and deployable radiator) tackle the needs of new space customers by maximising performance in space while remaining efficiently packed in a standardised volume for launch. For more information, visit DCUBED at

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About LuxSpace

LuxSpace was established in Luxembourg in 2004 as a subsidiary of OHB SE and is an integrated provider of small satellites and space-based applications and services. The company can look back on seven successfully launched space systems, including the Triton-2/ESAIL satellite launched in September 2020, and has over 16 years of experience in data applications with a particular focus on the maritime sector and Earth observation. For more information, visit LuxSpace at 

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