29 July

European Space Agency (ESA) and German Aerospace Centre (DLR) fund Medium Sized Actuator Development

DcubeD is excited to share that we just kicked of an European Space Agency – ESA activity on the development of a bigger release actuator called MSA – Medium Sized Actuator. The activity is a General Support Technology Programme (GSTP) de-risk actvity, therefore a big thank gos to German Aerospace Center (DLR) GSTP office for their support in this activity.

#DCUBEDspace‘s existing product portfolio includes a space-proven nano-sized pin puller (nD3PP) and a space-proven release nut (nD3RN) which have been successfully used in various #SmallSat missions, mostly triggering the release of deployable structures. Current customer applications are for example release of antennas, release of radiators and release of solar arrays. Furthermore, they have been applied as door-openers for #PocketQube / #CubeSat deployers or are used as Hold-down Release Solution in also bigger satellites.

For tapping into the market of bigger CubeSat deployers (3U and larger) and bigger deployable structures, there is an immediate need for medium-sized actuators as those currently on the market are much too large and too expensive for these applications. The Medium Sized Actuator activity is tackling this need by developing a larger Pin Puller.


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