ESA Investment Forum
16 May

19th ESA Investor Forum

Our CEO Thomas Sinn has been invited as a keynote speaker on the 19th ESA Investor Forum. The two-day event took place in Berlin on May 16th and 17th and brought together ESA’s space network with European investors.

The international event with the goal of boosting space-related investments featured presentations and keynote speakers on the first day, which were also accessible for external viewing. The second day of the event had a different format, on-site and limited to investors and start-ups.

DcubeD’s keynote was on “The path of launching products to space”, telling the story of our actuators’ journey to orbit, followed by keynotes from OroraTech on how they utilize their space technology to detect wildfires, Reflex Aerospace on the constellation UN:IO and Lilium on how space technology is changing the mobility on Earth. In addition to keynotes, event also featured insightful podium discussions on interesting topics such as governmental and institutional support by Europe and start-up and scale-up financing in Europe and abroad.

As an alumnus of ESA BIC Bavaria, DcubeD was honoured to be invited to the event, which was just the place to share our story of launching products to space and hopefully to inspire the next generation of founders.

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