1 March

DcubeD welcomes 3 new employees in one month!

DcubeD is very proud to welcome even 3 new employees in March! In only one month three full-time positions were filled. And this is only a small glimpse into all the things which are happening at DcubeD currently.

Welcome Florian Malcherek, the new Electrician from Bavaria!

Welcome Melanie Ott, the new Team Assistant, also from Bavaria!

Welcome Dr. Nissen Lazreg, the new Electrical Engineer from Tunisia!

Florian and Melanie had the possibility to celebrate their launch with curling in the Hirschgarten.

DcubeD wishes all of you three a great start in our team, it is awesome to have you on board of our crew. We are sure you will bring so much help and effort to the company.

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