11 February

DcubeD’s Trip through U.S. Space Scene & the SmallSat Symposium

DcubeD’s trip started with a fast-paced tour of Denver/Boulder area. The thriving NewSpace ecosystem made the visit fascinating, with Colorado having the 2nd-largest aerospace economy of the US. Plenty of exciting talks took place with many brilliant people from the local space industry, such as Redwire Space, Atomos, Orbit Fab, Tendeg, Lunar Outpost and more.  

Next stop was DcubeD’s first trip to California in a very long time. It was a pleasure to be in the area of LA, Pasadena, Grover Beach and San Luis Obispo, where we had exciting talks with the local space scene, such as Ecliptic Enterprises, Stellar Exploration and CalTech. 

The last stop for DcubeD was the SmallSat Symposium in Silicon Valley, Mountain View. The 7th Annual SmallSat Symposium took place between February 8-10 and brought together the experts enabling the NewSpace transition in the satellite markets. With SmallSats now taking 97% of the satellites launched, such events are crucial for initiating conversations between suppliers, partners and customers of the satellite industry. In addition to the networking opportunities, high-quality presenters and relevant exhibitions, the event was also supplied by German chocolate and gummi bears, courtesy of DcubeD. After his first time at the SmallSat Symposium, our CEO Thomas Sinn says “DcubeD will be back soon”. 

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