Transporter 3 launch
17 January

DcubeD in Space: Successful Deployment of all eight FOSSA Systems and customer Satellites Raises DcubeD Pin Puller to TRL 9 after SpaceX Transporter-3 Launch

With the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket on January 13th, DcubeD’s Nano Pin Pullers (nD3PP) are officially in space, and demonstrated their capabilities successfully on FOSSA Systems’ satellite deployer, the PocketPod

January 17, 2022 – DcubeD’s ride to space was the Transporter-3 mission, SpaceX’s third dedicated small satellite rideshare mission, launched from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. The SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket that lofted 105 satellites from various customers took off from Cape Canaveral Launch Pad 40 at 16:25 CET.

Approximately 1 hour after liftoff, deployment of FOSSA Systems’ payload was confirmed. The company based in Madrid did not only launch their first six satellites for the FOSSASat-2E IoT constellation, but also demonstrated their PocketPod deployer for the first time. The deployer used DcubeD’s Nano Pin Puller nD3PP to open the pod and release the payload. With the successful activation of the four pin pullers, DcubeD acquired flight heritage and took their products to the next and highest level of technology readiness, TRL 9. The PocketPod was developed by FOSSA Systems and integrated on the SpaceX Falcon rocket by the Berlin based company Exolaunch.

FOSSA’s payload including deployers (red box upper part of the image) with DcubeD Nano Pin Pullers on board ( photo credit ExoLaunch),
Nano Pin Puller nD3PP (photo credit: DcubeD)

DcubeD’s Pin Puller, which now has flight heritage, tackles the problem of limited space available for spacecrafts on launch vehicles by allowing deployable structures such as solar arrays, antennas or sails. Answering to the rising demand for small satellites due to New Space transition, DcubeD’s release actuators are specifically designed with the needs of SmallSat and NanoSat customers in mind. In addition to deployable structures of satellites, DcubeD’s release actuators can be implemented in any use-case for which a bolted connection must be released or pin must be retracted, as demonstrated with FOSSA’s deployer.

Filled with pride and joy of our much-anticipated first launch, DcubeD wants to thank the amazing team, friends, families and everyone who supported us on our journey to space.

On the same launch was also an In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) mission of DcubeD’s Space Selfie Stick as well as the DcubeD Nano Release Nut to demonstrate their functionality in the space environment. The IOD mission is part of SatRevolutions’ SWIFT satellite that will be deployed from D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier SCV004 Elysian Eleonora “Dashing Through The Stars Mission” end of January / early February to start its demonstration mission.

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