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13 January

Journey to Space: DcubeD’s first Launch Viewing Event

On January 13th, our team came together for a very exciting event: A Falcon 9 rocket launched from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, onboard was multiple DcubeD products. The rocket that lofted over 100 satellites into a sun-synchronous orbit carried DcubeD’s Nano Pin Puller and Space Selfie Stick, leaving our team feeling thrilled, proud and content. 

As our team was tuned into the launch livestream at the local brewery of Germering, DcubeD carpooled to space on the Transporter-3 mission, SpaceX’s third dedicated small satellite rideshare mission. Our team cheered the liftoff of partially reusable, two-stage launch vehicle at 15:29 UTC, yet the excitement remained for the next hours as the deployment confirmations followed. Our colleagues, who had their work atop the rocket on the screen held their breath, as we waited for our products to do their work.  

Our Nano Pin Pullers have proven their success in the first hour, releasing payloads from a satellite deployer. Now our team waits for the SWIFT satellite to finish its commission phase so that our Space Selfie Stick can be deployed after L+16 days. The launch countdown clock in the office is now repurposed to count up from the liftoff, keeping us excited for the next milestone. 

After our first journey to space, our team is only more motivated for the next ones. We’ll surely have more launch viewings in our future, but our first launch will hold special place in our hearts.   

Article from Süddeutsche Zeitung:

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