4 April

DcubeD Receives BayTOU Grant

Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy is backing us with a grant for our project D3DS, where we develop a modular three-dimensional sub-structure for the fast-growing New Space market. 

BayTOU Grant, supported by Bayern Innovativ GmbH, is a program to support tech-oriented startups, with the aim of increasing the technological and innovative capabilities of companies via support of new products and processes by specifically addressing the needs of SMEs.  

With the grant, the D3S3 project has the goal of developing deployable substructures for Nano- and SmallSat applications that uses a combination of novel materials and structures that allows multiple storage and deployment cycles and delivers durability against the harsh environmental conditions in space. This project will be the backbone and enabler for many applications where large space structures are needed, such as deployable antennas, solar arrays, radiators, drag- and solar sails. 

Already working on the project, DcubeD is grateful for the grant! 

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