7 January

Boost for “New Space made in Germany” through investment by HTGF and ILV in Munich-based Start-up DCUBED

The German New Space Start-up DCUBED is now backed by the investors High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and Interlink Ventures (ILV) , and can now scale the commercialization of its space products. DCUBED develops and sells innovative actuators and deployable structures for the rapidly growing space market. “New Space” is the name of the game, where the pace for opening up space is no longer set by space agencies alone, but increasingly by visionary companies that truely open up space for business (e.g. through global Internet from space).

Already today, several small satellites, so-called SmallSats and CubeSats, are launched into space on an almost daily basis. SpaceX alone launches 60-120 satellites per month. Demand is correspondingly high for satellite components that allow large satellite components such as solar panels and antennas to be stowed in a space-saving manner during rocket launch and reliably deployed once in space. To be able to do this cost-effectively and flexibly even for small satellites is a core competence of the Munich-based high-tech company. 

The full press release can be found on the HTGF website:


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